About Us 

Blue Ocean Operating Management is a leading ICT company representing the landscape of disruptive digital revolution in Myanmar. The business ambitious is to enable the access of limitless information and better lifestyle for people in the country. We provide the digitization, telecommunication, payment, customer centrist human agent, and online contents to accelerate the leveraging the brands and SMEs.

  • 2016


    In 2016, we successfully launched a new contact center in Mandalay, further expanding our business with the 1882 and 1885 hotlines. Having been recognized as the best contact center in Myanmar, our Blue Ocean Contact Center received the “Industry Champion Award 2016 for Myanmar” awarded by Contact Center World, the largest global contact center association. Moreover, the fourth subsidiary company, Blue Planet was launched to provide content and mobile value added services for smart mobile users in the country.

  • 2015


    With the proven record of  company’s activities, BOOM received the prestigious President Excellence Service Award, awarded by the President of Myanmar for the best service company in Myanmar. And also the third brotherhood company of BOOM, Doctor On Call was launched, which provides the tele-medicine service to all the people whoever living in the urban regions or rural areas.

  • 2014


    BOOM received the ASEAN ICT Award and ASEAN Business Award in the year of 2014. And also served as an official hotline service for nationwide census 2014 in the country. At the end of the year, BOOM has over 400 employees. Further more, Myanmar Payment Solution Services (MPSS) was founded on a mission to eliminate the cash / card payment system in the country  followed by successfully founded BOSS.

  • 2013


    In 2013, BOOM became an official member of Global Compact to take commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals. And also received the ISO 9001:2008 certificate from International Organization for Standardization. In addition, BOOM setted the Myanmar President Office Hotline for 24 hour service on March 20, 2013. Moreover, the another Hotline channel 1877 was launched to the public which is the Hotline in deals with Real Estate, Life Insurance and Consultation for Insurance. In November, 1818 Hotline was participated as a contact center player for 27th SEA Game and 7th Para Sea Games, before and during South East Asia’s biggest sporting event. Besides, Business Outsource Solutions Services (BOSS), a new sub company of BOOM was founded.

  • 2012


    In 2012, BOOM was at the state of employing 300 professionals. On parallel, the company introduced the 1875 Hotline which consists of Health and Beauty, Hotel Reservation Services, Job Search Services, Fortune Teller Services, Update Football Results and Social and Legal Consultancy.

  • 2011


    In June, BOOM launched M188 mobile application service which provides software, games, ringtones, wallpapers, SMS advertising and marketing. On the day of December 17, 2011, BOOM proudly rolled out the Yatanarpon Call Center, the first and largest call center in Myanmar, which assists people from all across the country to get access the reliable information easily. The initial days of call center was started only a 100 customer service agents.

  • 2010


    BOOM opened Jupiter IT Mall (The first IT mall in Myanmar) at Parami Sein Gay Har to support tech industry and its customer to meet their need at one stop service area. At the same year, BOOM launched unique business model which is Yatanarpon Mobile Rental Service, provides connectable SIM card and mobile devices service for international visitors at Yangon International Airport (Yangon), Bagan Airport (Bagan) and Ta Dar Oo International Airport (Mandalay). At the end of 2010, BOOM had grown to 20 employees.

  • 2009


    Blue Ocean Operating Management Company Limited also known as BOOM, was founded in November, started with 4 employees, operated as marketing and business management service, helped Myanmar Football Federation as marketing consultant and also operated oversea medical tours for health-awareness customers.


We treat each of our employees like an entrepreneur by sharing the deep operational ownership experiences to become an entrepreneur in the future.


We recognized the global business language as a associate official language in our company. Opening weekly English conversation club to all the employees for learning opportunity in the office.


We are transforming the culture into the digital workplace in a way of greatly reducing the physical paper which could significant impact to global environment.


To be number one customer choice Telecommunication Services company in Myanmar


Do the first & the best innovative quality services in Myanmar


Make Things Happen

Core Value

– Honest & Respect
– Happy at Work
– Innovation and Change
– Impossible to Possible
– Customer Centric
– Team Work

Htun Htun Naing @ Nelson

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Tin Ko Ko Win

Chief Operation Officer (BOSS)

Jason Yang Guo

Chief Financial Officer

Thet Linn Oo

Director (Blue Planet)

Naganathan Subramanian

General Manager (Operation)
Htun Htun Naing @ Nelson
MBA , BA (Myanmar) , Dip in Marketing

Mr. Htun Htun Naing is a Myanmar’s serial entrepreneur and investor. Currently, he works as a President of Myanmar Yong Entrepreneur Association, Chairman & Group CEO of Blue Ocean Operating Management Co., Ltd which is the first and largest Contact Centre in Myanmar with over 1,000 workforces. Nowadays, Blue Ocean Operating Management (BOOM) Group has 12 subsidiary companies as part of his investment.

In addition to his educational background, he holds B.A (Myanmar) from University of Distance Education and MBA from Yangon Institute of Economics. Furthermore, he started his career as a part time Telephone operator in Myanmar Post and Telecommunications in 1993. Starting from 1994 he worked as a sales and marketing profession in Multi-National companies such as DHL, ICI paints, Tiger beer, Procter & Gamble, Bates advertising till to the year 2000.

Besides, he founded his first own business which was potato chips distribution company in 1999 with his friend. Unfortunately his first business was failed to survive after 8 months later and he went into the broke. Therefore, he went back to work as an Event Manager at Bates Advertising for 10 months.

In the year of 2001, he founded the one of the pioneer of ICT companies, called Bee Cyber Land with 8 business partners at the right timing with the Myanmar’s ICT market trending. After 2 years later, in 2003, he founded next web based platform service called e Trade Myanmar, which is still operating and providing agriculture commodities information.

After travelling the over 8 years of entrepreneurship journey, he founded the Blue Ocean Operating Management Co., Ltd (BOOM) in 2009 which is the mother group of the future Myanmar’s the first and largest call center in 2011. The first service of BOOM was the renting mobile SIM Cards at Yangon International Airport.

Moreover, he received The Most Admired ASEAN Enterprise for Young Entrepreneur Award 2014 at ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2014 and ASEAN –China Yong Entrepreneur Award in 2015. Blue Ocean Operating Management was received ASEAN ICT Award in CSR for 2014, Myanmar President’s Award 2015 for the best performance in service sector in the nation and 2016 The Industry Champion award from Contact Center World, USA.

He regularly participates in public talks, TV shows and radio programs about marketing and entrepreneurship related programs. He passionately involves to being developed the entrepreneurship ecosystem in his country, where the world known as a Golden Land with untouched opportunities.